In this world of copycats, it is important to be as authentic as possible. Talking about authenticity is not as important as actually living it. It is a harder road to travel and requires a great deal of thought and conviction, but we believe that in the long run we will build great institutions with rock solid people and business foundations. Our team will help shape the organisation to provide the best resources both from within India and without.


Am I too early to be considered ?

No, Talk to us to find out if you qualify. If you’ve already raised funding, it's probably too late. We like to think of ourselves as your early stage angels, which normally would be covered by friends and family. The advantage we bring to the table would be the fact that we provide both capital as well as knowledge, allowing you to deploy both with the greatest impact.


How big should the founding team be ? One of more ?

We ideally look for teams of at the least 2 people. Funding a single individual is usually not something we consider, unless the individual is able to convince and demonstrate that they are exceptionally talented. They need to have the attributes to be a good leader, build teams and deliver consistent results.


Will you take a board seat ?

This is dependent on the situation. We generally do take a seat, but in certain cases, may decide not to so. In these situations, we still provide the advisory and interactions, as if we were on the board, which includes the creation of a board with the appropriate members, who will ensure compliance. Our involvement with an endeavour, is not limited to capital only, as we believe that money is only a small part of a successful venture.


Do you fund companies that compete with each other ?

No, but if winds of change force a change to compete with each other after we’ve invested, we‘ll analyse it on a case to case basis.


What do we not want from founding teams ?

Ideally we do not fund family, ie. siblings, spouses etc. - it is something that we actively engage in. While there are lots of instances of successful family endeavours, it is not our focus, except in rare situations.


What if we need to raise more money ?

We are well poised to access further capital, if required. One of the things we reserve when we begin our relationship, is to have the opportunity to fund up to another 5x per company, for subsequent rounds. We ensure we help you identify the key measures, so you are able to deliver the information that we can utilise to craft the story behind further fund raises.


How does Eliile Studios work with ideators ?

We’re committed to helping ideators understand their dreams and reality of their dreams to potentially impact the world. Our intention is to offer ideators value from the very first meeting.

Once we engage with an ideators, we move full speed ahead to the pragmatic reality of building the business. Building a brand comes from long, hard hours with no guarantees of success, and so we aim to support the ideators along this gruelling journey, holding their hand and helping them understand and execute.