Our Vision



Our philosophy came from one single premise - to be more human-centric. Our focus has always been to expand minds and transfer knowledge to nurture the future. We believe that when we create a community of humans who cooperate in a truly fearless manner, we can achieve anything. We believe that the human spirit of innovation knows no bounds but just requires the right resources to allow it to fully bloom.


We love to back the fearless, even though they may have no experience, but reflect the capability and capacity to comprehend and execute. We believe that talent lives in everyone, and we support those that are courageous enough to explore their limits, break through them and go beyond.


“Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear, It Is Acting In Spite Of It” Mark Twain


We believe that building anything meaningful takes time, and our philosophy is that we want to be part of beautiful sustainable initiatives that endure. This is a hard road that not many want to follow and that suits us just fine. We will patiently work to find and work with those that align with us in these respects, as we believe that hard work, done diligently, with no shortcuts create better experiences, ecosystems and companies with happier people. We value those that are curious, intellectual, considerate and think differently


People, Opportunity and the Solution

The beginning starts with humans, good people who have the ability to comprehend and execute accordingly to succeed. Humble, driven and hardworking are some of the key character traits we look for, when looking for the future founding team. The opportunity speaks of both the market as well as the platform, where it all begins. The platform is the place where the hard work is done. From the point of inception, guidance is provided, by honing the art of curiosity and strategic thinking. Our failures, have allowed us to grow, to learn to identify and overcome obstacles, thereby ensuring new endeavours with a greater chance of success. We do not believe in shortcuts - building something worthwhile will take patience, diligence and strength of character.


“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” William Bruce Cameron

Arun Menon
Executive Director, Mentor