Eliile Ventures is an Idea soundboard focussed primarily on creative initiatives. We invest when the founders have come upon an idea and haven’t even forged an identity or built a product. We would ideally like to engage with individuals or endeavours that have raised no capital at all, even before they’ve been funded by friends and family. Our initial investment lead preference, gives us the opportunity to have a presence on the board, which will help us keep the new endeavour always moving in the right direction and thereby increasing probability of success. If you’ve already raised capital, we probably wouldn’t be a good fit.


We want to empower and propagate a new generation of creative thinkers to nurture practical, conscious leaders.


We identify, invest, educate ideators on a regular basis to create an portfolio of businesses revolving around sustained profitability. Over the next three years our goal is to develop and connect five to six strategic locations globally.


Eliile VS symbolises both what exists and what doesn’t -  Forged in simplicity, with the ability to discern creative initiatives, we provide discipline and guidance. Our focus is to nurture community at the forefront, where we craft a new culture of cooperation and understanding, strengthened by keen principles of sustainability. We strive to be more human-centric and different.

Entrepreneurship being not for the faint of heart or the disorganised, can be lonely journey, but Eliile VS was created, so no one has to ever walk alone.