What is the process ?

The first step would be to engage with us to have a conversation. You can fill out the form here to setup a time to come in and talk. If we accept you and your idea, you will be invited to be part of the ecosystem.

We engage with about 4-6 initiatives per year and structure our investments with equity in mind. We try to have more than 6 initiatives actively invested into at any point in time, but we will not rush into any investments, especially if we believe the the team and the idea is not right. Our ethos is to engage in a way that is cognizant of all the factors, investing both with capital and mind, versus arbitrary capital disbursement. This process allows us to stay true to our beliefs and in the end creates a contagious culture of accountability and effectiveness, with guidance and knowledge bestowed to future leaders.


We will maintain our position on the board for the initial rounds and will scale back involvement when we believe it to appropriate - Each endeavour is unique, and will have to be assessed when the scenario arises for a larger investment round.


Our strength is also in our network and we reserve the right to have the opportunity to directly participate or introduce our portfolio of companies to future rounds of seed, Series A and Series B financing.


We believe that foundations are made by and from people. Our aspiration is to bring into our fold humans beings that are capable, grooming them to be mindful and curious, absorbing all they are exposed to. We want to create an environment that fosters cooperation in an honest transparent manner, with people who feel comfortable knowing that no matter what, we have their back. In a world full of haze, we want to be the beacon that guides them through the most tumultuous of times. Charting our own destiny, we will create a niche filled with those that embody our ethos.




Partnership Criteria

  • We invest in ideas that we find interesting, focused on (but not exclusive to) different creative sectors

  •  We would invest between $10,000 and $25,000 in the pre-seed round. Our aim is to not only provide capital, but also be accessible, providing insights and direction and be an invaluable part of your endeavour

  • We would like to support you through your entire journey and as such reserve the right to participate in subsequent rounds

  • Our focus is to provide meaningful participation with our partners and we believe that 4-6 investments per annum will allow us to accomplish this.