Dedicated experts with a proven record of success.




Arun Menon

Having an education in technology, and coming from an entrepreneurial family, Arun has accumulated experience in technology, pharmaceuticals. A humble, private individual, Arun’s life begins in Malaysia, having thereafter lived in Indonesia and Canada, Arun’s life experiences across continents has allowed him to keep an open mind and his inquisitive nature has seen him explore opportunities everywhere. His interests focus around technology-based SAAS businesses. Charitable by nature, Arun has donated hundreds of thousands supporting worthwhile causes.



Pallavi Mane

Pallavi is a certified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in Finance, both within the banking industry as well as in the private sector. Financial analysis, advisory, risk management and compliance, with knowledge of IFRS, US GAAP and India GAAP, are just some of the areas of exposure. She currently manages finances and regulatory affairs in multiple jurisdictions internationally including Canada, UK, and the UAE.



Harpreet Singh

Harpreet is the Executive Director and co-founder of LAB B. Harpreet is dedicated to advocating on behalf of local entrepreneurs and giving back to the community. He has inspired talent in the creative economy via startup events, providing incubation services and developing knowledge transfer programs. A very dynamic individual, full of life, he thrives on engaging and continually keeping abreast of relevant issues. Harpreet’s keen intellect and insight into community and regional behaviours has seen him continuously being engaged by public institutions, both educational and governmental.



Ash Menon

Ashish(Ash) Menon has founded or co-founded over fifteen startups, in 3 different continents. Some of these startups have gone on to become multi-million dollar enterprises. He has over 20 years experience encompassing the music, pharmaceutical, sports and design industry. While his experience is diverse, Ash is always challenging the status quo, using his knowledge to help mentor both youth and seasoned professionals. A frequent traveller between the Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas, he helped seed LAB B. He focuses on useful knowledge transfer to create sustainable, profitable endeavours.





Stephen Dantas


Steve Dantas is the Founder and CEO of Digityll, a consulting company that specializes in ecommerce and digital transformation. Over the past 20 years, Steve has played senior leadership and operational leadership roles at leading consulting companies in the emerging technology and digital innovation space.


Ranjit Gopi


Ranjit is well rounded global leader with 20 year track record in Global business management. Deep functional experience in Brand Marketing Management, Innovation and Sales. Recognized for building Global brands, successfully creating new business models in Developed and Emerging Markets and turning around key businesses - by leveraging enterprise wide innovations, building teams with wide cognitive diversity and delivering strong financial performance with volume, market share and profit growth. Key enablers to success are learning agility, the ability to impact and the ability to build and maintain long term relationships. Previously with Nestle in Switzerland, and TCL in China, he currently resides in Shenzen, where he is the Managing Partner at Metta Innovation, a Global Marketing Consulting Firm.