What is Creative?


The word creative gets used a lot, and we don’t believe that most industries are creative. Even with all their posturing, most are unable to comprehend how creativity works. We try to compartmentalize, dissect and craft a logical explanation to something that defies logic. Creativity does not follow any particular rules as there are no clearly defined processes for creativity. It something that is very difficult to comprehend, because it forces us to think and accept something that is different, which is in stark contrast to how we have been trained and educated to think.


Our focus is different. We understand Creative - we have the innate ability to identify, assess capacity and comprehension level of individuals, who can demonstrate the aptitude to be future leaders. We educate and groom these individuals to be future leaders, who are well versed in sustainability, profitability and humanity.


We are interested in those that can see the application of the existing, in a new arena - unrelated elements coming together, to form something original.