Where ideas come to evolve .


Supporting education and innovation.



Our philosophy came from one single premise - to be more human-centric. Our focus has always been to expand minds and transfer knowledge to nurture the future. We believe that when we create a community of humans who cooperate in a truly fearless manner, we can achieve anything. We believe that the human spirit of innovation knows no bounds but just requires the right resources to allow it to fully bloom.

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Eliile Ventures is an Idea soundboard focussed primarily on creative initiatives. We invest when the founders have come upon an idea and haven’t even forged an identity or built a product. We would ideally like to engage with individuals or endeavours that have raised no capital at all, even before they’ve been funded by friends and family. Our initial investment lead preference, gives us the opportunity to have a presence on the board, which will help us keep the new endeavour always moving in the right direction and thereby increasing probability of success. If you’ve already raised capital, we probably wouldn’t be a good fit.

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Grooming tomorrow’s leaders.

Our focus is different. We understand Creative - we have the innate ability to identify, assess capacity and comprehension level of individuals, who can demonstrate the aptitude to be future leaders. We educate and groom these individuals to be future leaders, who are well versed in sustainability, profitability and humanity.



Dedicated to change.

Eliile Studio Spaces provide the sandbox for ideas to flourish, a place to support the community and build all things locally, while connected globally.