Architecture And Its Importance To Society

Architecture is a form of art, is what all of us know and have understood all about architecture. Of course it is and it brings to the forefront the richness and glory of various different cultures. It is through this that we are able to understand or probably even come to know about how life was in the earlier times. This art is important for each and every modern man and the society he lives in. There are various different reasons for this site

One is, it is nothing but the physical environment itself where man has established his livelihood; meaning, whatever we are today is all from how people were in the ancient times. It is from them that we have learnt the art of living and creating and developing a livelihood.

Secondly, it is a symbol or a very honorable and significant sign of the civilizations and cultures of the olden days. It is like a monument of history which speaks to us about the past. It is an immortal, live example of how people were and what their cultures were in the past.

Architecture – strength of a society

Many people wish to take up this field of architecture as their future since it is an undying field. It is immortal for it is the one that carries and talks about the different kinds of people and their different cultures and different time periods. It is like a time machine that keeps revolving and everytime it turns its wheels, it does not forget to carry the traces of the past to the new era. This form of art is very important for any society. It is both an art and science. When we speak about it as an art, it speaks to us regarding the importance and significance of the respectful living of the olden days. When we speak about it as science, it is something that understands the current needs of the people and helps them to use modern technology in bringing up buildings reflecting their effectiveness.

Architecture is an art of beauty, grace and pleasantness. Some of the buildings that stand strong even today highlighting the cultural richness are those that were designed and built in the ancient days. There was a huge difference in the living of the ancient days when compared to how we are today. And how do you think we are able to measure this difference? It is through this beautiful and splendid architecture that speaks volumes about how life was in the past and how it varies from the future. The architects of the past were so very talented that they were able to depict the lives and histories of all the important personalities and all important happenings through their art and skills and this is what is able to explain us about the history.

Present day architecture

As we talk about how architecture was in the past and what it has in store to tell the present day world, there is also an importance and need for this in the present times. Yes, architecture has a great impact on how people lead their life today. It has the very basics to tell people about how living has to be and it is on these lines that we have developed and flourished our living and society.

It was a period when people were dictated about how life should be and how they have to conduct their living. But gone are those times when people followed what was imposed on them. Now it is the time of demands and expectations. It is no more the dictating rule of the society on people about how they have to form their livelihood but it is now time for the society to understand and respond accordingly to the needs of the dwellers.

This means that the architects of today should understand the present culture and try to respond and react to the needs rather than imposing on them certain things that might manipulate their expectations. This is called the green movement wherein the society is able to stay at the pink of its health and the architect is also able to survive in an amicable way.

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