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Architecture is an art that has the capacity to bring and give life to the past. It is through them that we are able to understand how life and living was in the past. The architects of the yesteryears were so very talented that they were able to depict the life and history of some important people through their arts and skills and it is this that is talking to us about our history. It is the only proof for the changing times and the very evidence of our past generations.

In the olden days, architects tried to embellish and bring out the importance and significance of their periods through their art of architecture and it is this that is teaching and enlightening us about how people were in the ancient times. We have some very rich histories and life times of some important personalities which of course have a copy about it in the books but there is nothing that can come in par with the pictorial representations.

But the present day architecture has taken a slight shift in how it means and depicts human`s life. Yes, it is no more just the sculpting of how life is but is all about how to meet the needs of the current era and how it answers the basic queries of the present. This is called the green movement wherein architecture does not dictate people but it is people who would want architecture to be in a certain way.

All the architects of the modern age are very well equipped and skilled and it is this developing and advancing technology that is giving them a helping hand in all their endeavors and challenges of the modern, fast changing era. They try to speak up and stand up to the expectations of the present generation and are trying to fulfill all their needs and demands through their awe-inspiring talent.

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